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S1E1 Trusting your horse, program and priorities with Million Dollar Rider and reining trainer, Jason Vanlandingham

Jason Vanlandingham has proven to be one of reining’s leading horsemen, earning himself a place on the NRHA Million Dollar Riders list and respect throughout the industry. In this FIRST episode of Finding The Feel, he sits down with Kaitlyn to discuss how his career started with training Christmas ponies, how his family-run business is essential to his success, how lessons from great horses have shaped his program, and why knowing when to release pressure is the key to working with your horse.

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowing when to release the pressure on your horse is how you teach them, and is one of the most important parts of training
  • Find what works for you and your horse, put together a plan, and stick to it while it works
  • The little things are what separates the great riders from the rest of us. Think about the start of your maneuver: your lead departure, the start of the spin, the transitions. Set your horse up for success, then trust them.
  • Staying honest and loyal to your priorities helps to keep everything in perspective, and will bring good things your way. For Jason this is his family, God and his faith, and staying honest at all times.

Show Notes:

  • [01:02] ] – How Jason got started, by training Christmas ponies
  • [04:55] – Seeing reining for the first time and falling in love with the sport
  • [05:56] – Working with other trainers and the having the right mentality to learn
    • Your coach is just trying to help you
  • [09:28] – Why knowing when to release your horse is one of the most important parts of training
  • [13:36]  – Teaching a horse to relax under pressure and what that looks like
  • [17:45] – Dealing with pressure as a rider and a competitor
  • [23:20] – Why it’s the little stuff that make a big difference
    • How to focus on the basics
    • Trusting your horse
  • [29:37] – Constant improvement makes showing fun, and the lessons from a mistake on a great horse
  • [34:14] – And a time where it all came together
  • [36:31] – Jason & Not Ruf At All: the backstory
  • [44:19] – A lesson from a horse with a huge heart and a lot of try
  • [46:34] – Some solid advice from Tim McQuay to Jason
  • [50:49] – Learning how to get a horse mentally focused, and focusing as a human to be able to feel your horse
  • [57:15] – Priorities and personal habits that help Jason find success in life, and with horses

[01:01:26] – Learn more about Jason, his family, and his business Vanlandingham Reining, on their website, Facebook, and . . . Instagram!

About the Author, Kaitlyn Hurst

About Kaitlyn

Marketer by profession. Horsewoman at heart.

"I grew up riding, breeding and competing on American Quarter Horses in reining and reined cow horse. I believe that all successes are the result of a partnership between the horse, rider and their mentors.

Finding The Feel is a passion project combining both of my worlds"

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